Ozzie Ausband

Back In The Day / Kent Senatore

Kent Senatore

“I’m not one to promote things, but a book full of previously unpublished skateboarding photos doesn’t come along often. In fact, I can’t remember another book full of unpublished skateboarding images, especially when it comes to the golden days of skateboarding history, can you?”

“Yes, there’s been a lot of great skateboarding books published in recent years which were mostly comprised of photos that have been published over and over again, and rightly so, because they’re iconic images. I’d be happy to look through a book full of those previously published images too, “but yeah… a book full of unpublished William Sharp photos of all our heroes and brothers from back in the day with stories about the friendships, the epic sessions, and the pools, parks and pipes?”

Kent Senatore

“Come on, seriously? Don’t forget the contests, and the rivalries. The words come from interviews with the legends themselves.  The forward was written by the infamous Jerry Valdez, and chapter prefaces written by Ozzie Ausband. Truly, this is something special, unlike any of the books we’ve seen yet, and I don’t know about you, but I’m frothing!”

If you haven’t already pre-ordered, you should, here’s a link to get you there- BACK IN THE DAY

Back in the Day will be in the warehouse the first week of December and we are expecting to begin shipping directly. William and I will be having Guest Posts from several of the legendary skateboarders in this book and I’ll be posting them up during the next few weeks. Thank you for the support. - Ozzie